with Dr Tammy

“A New Day” with Dr. Tammy is a half-hour program featuring themed episodes that explore a wide range of specific relevant topics. Each program is taped before a live studio audience and hosted by Dr. Tammy, who introduces each episode topic. The theme at hand is explored by qualified special guests with expertise and experience to contribute to the discussion. Audience questions and interaction are also a hallmark of the series.

Featured topics include: Marital relations, family dynamics, grieving the loss of loved ones, challenges in the workplace, coping with disabilities, suicide prevention, the issue of bullying, problems faced by veterans of war, self-worth, improving life skills, overcoming fears, and a wide variety of timely issues. The series also features multimedias related to each episode’s theme. Among the scheduled segments for select programs are spontaneous “on the street” interviews, dramatic re-enactments depicting relational issues, educational statistics and humorous quizzes designed to stimulate viewer’s interest and audience participation.

“A New Day” is presented nationally and internationally on the prestigious and acclaimed SmartLifestyle Channel, a division of the BrightStar Communications network. With broadcasts in the United States–and abroad to more than 100 countries–the channel will air the program to hundreds of thousands of viewers in need of the information provided by “A New Day.” The SmartLifestyle Channel is renowned for offering programming that has become a source for wellness of body, mind and spirit. Although “A New Day” is unlike anything else offered by the channel, it is highly compatible with the featured programming and designed to captivate the attention of viewers throughout the world. The themes of “A New Day,” Dr. Tammy’s warm and engaging approach, and the practical solutions offered to address commonly encountered problems all combine with a modern sensibility to create an engaging television experience.

Because of the program’s unique approach and the absence of such broadcasts, BrightStar Communications has requested “A New Day” be produced to meet an urgent need for viewers of the SmartLifeStyle Channel. The broadcast channel is a non-profit entity and, as such, program and production costs require sponsorship to meet expenses. The attractive benefit for corporate sponsors is the wide exposure of brand advertising that will reach many hundreds of thousands of viewers nationally and internationally. BrightStar executives believe “A New Day” with Dr. Tammy Bradshaw-Scott will increase viewership and provide sponsors with an exciting advertising platform.

“A New Day” With Dr. Tammy is now airing on Smart LifeStyle Television which is broadcast by Loma Linda Broadcasting Network.  You can view this program on your television if you have access to Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, or you can view it on your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Just go to smartlifestyletv.com and click on the menu and click schedule to locate day and time “A New Day” will be airing.

Each episode will air throughout the week at different times.  Past episodes are available on Dr. Tammy’s YouTube Channel.