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Acceptance and Seasons of Life

     Just as we have summer, fall, winter, and spring—we have different seasons in our lives.  With summer we have warm temperatures and sunshine, fall welcomes in changing colors and falling leaves, spring births glorious blooming flowers, and winter ushers in cold weather, and for some—a winter white wonderland.      Each season offers beauty, purpose, and challenges.  And with each season we can expect adjustments, challenges, and unpredictability.  But for us to make the needed

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They Saw Into Eternity

September 15, 2020 I was recently informed that someone from my past, who had betrayed me and hurt me, was now very wealthy and owned a beach-front home. For several days after hearing this news I couldn’t shake feelings of unfairness about the situation. Most of us will face unfair situations in our lives, and we will even have experiences like the one I just described. And we will want to scream and shout out

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Faith And Hope

We can have hope in any and every life circumstance or situation when we put our faith in Christ our Lord. Life is always changing and unpredictable, but God never changes and His promises stand firm. He says His word is the same yesterday, today and forever. So as we face the uncertainties of tomorrow, remember that God is already in our tomorrows, and He knows just how to care for us. Dr. Tammy

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